Norman Leaf MD FACS

Oct 25 2017

The Revelation of Body Worlds

The Revelation of Body Worlds

I was recently blown away by the latest version of the amazing anatomical exhibit of Body Works, by the inspired German anatomist/artist Gunther von Hagens, currently showing at the Los Angeles Science Center. Each specimen/display is artistically and beautifully designed, but the incredibly precise demonstration of the human anatomy profoundly resonated in this surgeon’s heart. My Medical School anatomy course taught me the scientific details of the body; Body Worlds reinforced the beauty of it for me.

As a Plastic Surgeon, it’s been my privilege to work with the surgical anatomy of the face and body for 45 years. My work has included both normal and pathological anatomy, including congenital anomalies in babies, traumatic deformities, and structures damaged by disease. My aesthetic surgical efforts, such as facelifts, have dealt almost exclusively with normal anatomy. Even in healthy patients though, there are variations that require extra vigilance. Nerves, in particular, don’t always follow the most common pathways. Looking at the exhibits reminded me of how critical it is to know anatomy and be wary of its unexpected twists and turns.

Years of study, training and experience are absolutely essential to produce routinely excellent, problem-free results in plastic surgery. If you’re considering an elective plastic surgery procedure, a trip to the Science Center to check out this phenomenal exhibit will hopefully encourage you to seek out a well-trained, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

We know the anatomy.

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