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Aug 21 2015

The Beauty Plan

The Beauty Plan

Why are Those Celebrities so Gorgeous, and How Do They Stay Like That?

Beauty care is like a diet; it takes constancy and commitment to get a long -term WOW effect. Our celebrities may have been born more beautiful than the rest of us, but they quickly learn that if they want to keep their appearances up to the high standard that keeps them in front of the cameras, it takes work. And everyone can benefit from their experiences.

Not everyone wants or needs a facelift or an invasive procedure to achieve their beauty goals, although those procedures produce a much more dramatic result than anything less invasive. Still, there are many treatments and procedures that can make substantial improvements without anesthesia, pain, or downtime. Taken individually, results are always gratifying, but may not necessarily be the most striking or long-lasting. But taken as part of a well-planned regimen, they add up to an amazingly beautiful result, putting you on course to a lifetime of great skin. We call it our Beauty Plan.

Synergy in beauty care occurs when the results are greater than the sum of the parts. The parts of the Beauty Plan are the individual, non-invasive treatments that work together to create extraordinary healthy, smooth and glowing skin. The key is regular alternating treatments at monthly intervals.

The Plan usually starts with a medical-grade facial by Maya, our outstanding paramedical aesthetician. This will be followed by a variety of proven treatments by our two registered nurses, Joy and Yanna, involving a low-energy laser (“Clear and Brilliant”) and Micro-needling using the remarkable Rejuvapen. This is a small device that creates tiny little needle holes in the outer layer of the skin, allowing our Growth Factor serum to penetrate deeply into the dermis. For problematic acne scarring, the device can be “tuned” to create much deeper holes, almost like a tattoo machine, but without ink. Research has shown that micro-needling greatly increases collagen formation, helping to smooth out acne-scarred skin dramatically. Both the Clear and Brilliant and the Rejuvapen even out skin tones, reduce pore size and brighten the complexion.

The above treatments are painless (I know, it sounds like having a bunch of needle sticks wouldn’t be painless, but honestly it is…I’ve done it myself and can personally attest to that.) Any down-time is less than 24 hours, and is limited simply by the fact that your skin will be a bit red afterward. At worst, it looks like a sun-burn, which of course is something everyone should avoid!!

There are other treatments available also, including the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) by our new Ellipse machine from Denmark, the ultrasound treatment Ulthera, and other kinds of light peels. And of course, there’s the multitude of fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, et al), neuromodulators (Botox, etc) and elegant and powerful skincare products. BUT, don’t get overwhelmed and confused. Maya, Caroline, Joy and Yanna are all here to help plan the best course of action for your particular skin and beauty needs. It will be very well structured to fit your schedule and easy to follow.

And if you do follow The Beauty Plan regularly, in a very short time you will be quite amazed at how fresh, youthful and clear your skin will become. Of course, I see patient’s for consults on Wednesday’s should you decide you’d like to proceed to a more aggressive surgical approach. But, if facelifts and such are not on your To Do list, consider the Beauty Plan… it works wonders.

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